- Screen Capture of Home Page, is an organization that we are excited to support 100%. As the organization is growing nationally, so are its needs for a web site and online presence.


Angels Caring Eyes gets underprivileged youth off the street and into an environment where they are challenged, both physically and mentally.

On a miraculously fast schedule we’re creating a FULL site with a ton of features that lets the ACE management team focus more energy on running the organization. Features that automate tasks remove busy work from day to say routines, and expand the reach of the organization thorugh search engine and other modern media channels like RSS.

  • Complete web design from single tri-fold provided
  • E-Commerce for Payments Event Tickets, Competitor Fees, Sponsor Ads, and Donations
  • Contact & Registration Forms – Boxing Competitors, Coaches, Sponsors ADs
  • Auto Follow-Up Emails for Sign/Return Materials and Waivers
  • Photo Albums
  • RSS Newsfeed
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Traffic Statistics Tracking w/ Google Analytics
  • Advertising Banner Tracking System